Our Church Mother’s Honorarium

The role of the local church mother is indeed one of great importance and a “must” for a growing church. She is to a pastor in the local church what a wife is to her husband at home. The day has far passed for a pastor to teach from the pulpit things that women should know. It was never proper, but accepted because of the time. Today, such teaching and instructing would only embarrass and drive out our present-day generation from the church. We thank God for our Church Mother, Mother Daisy Lee May.

For all the endless love to each of us you’ve shown,
for all the nights because of us you spent all alone;
for all the worries and prayer when we stayed out late,
only to come home and still find you wide awake.

For all the promises to us you’ve always kept,
and when we were all sick and you never slept;
the things you always needed but never bought,
so that we could have all the things we sought.

For tolerating us children when we were being bad,
and for cheering us up when we were lonely and sad;
for encouraging us to grow throughout our trying years
and for kindly wiping away your many children’s tears.

When we grew older and left home and church to roam,
we never once realized that we had left you all alone;
but on special this day I’m so glad to claim you as mine,
thank you for all the great days you made our life to shine.

For the times when you had the burden of us on your heart,

You prayed dear God let them never ever from you depart;

You still breath out that special prayer for us in this matter,

It echoes in the halls of heaven God let not my children scatter.

With such loving thoughts of our Church Mother on this day,
there bubbles deep within our heart these urgent words to say,
She’s our Church Mother and we love her a very special way.

So now to God the righteous Father we all humbly pray,

please keep watch over our Church Mother Daisy Lee May.

Mothers are extraordinary; they are the only ones who can bring into this world an eternal soul. All mankind have a unique part within their makeup call a soul, and that soul can never die. This means that motherhood is an esteemed privilege, and carries great responsibilities as well as a nurturing heart. God respected the role of a mother so much, that He gave every child a permanent reminder of their mother’s role in their life. This permanent birthmark is called a navel, and if you have one, (and I’m sure that you do) a mother was responsible. It is a perpetual reminder of the tie that binds us to our mother, and we should show them much love, honor, and gratitude.

It takes a Mother’s Love

to make a house a home,

A place to be remembered,
no matter where we roam.

It takes a Mother’s Patients,

To bring a child up right,

And her Courage and her Cheerfulness
to make a dark day bright.

It takes a Mother’s Thoughtfulness

To mend the heart’s deep “hurts,”

And her Skill and her Endurance.

Mothers Are Extremely Extraordinary;


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