Divine Trinity Temple members have gone way beyond the normal levels of support and understanding and were quick to address any questions or concerns that I had in a patient and very friendly manner.

Ricky Peterson

I wish you guys all God’s choice blessing in everything that you guys endeavor to achieve, and hope you guys get the accolades you deserve.help.

Ronnie Wilson

Thanks for you great support!  Keep up the good job!

Thank you pastor for your help. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future programs by your church.

Joanne Green

Thanks for your great support! Keep up the good job!

Christine Anderson

Thanks Pastor, your support is by far the best I’ve experienced by anyone in leadership, and I look forward to future conversations with you in the near future.

Willie Seawright

We buy Glo cream there whenever that lady makes it. Your church ’s level of support is second to none. The community has never been so happy to work with a church before. That lady’s ice cream is just perfect, it the best we’ve tasted. We highly recommend Glo-cream Ice cream.


You guys really know member’s service.
Thanks for making my life easy!! And a huge thanks to Aesha!


Just a quick thank you for all the help and support. I have been a member for over 5 years now and have read and learned 100’s of scriptures, I highly recommend this church to anyone considering a church home. Plenty serving opportunities there. Thank you for taking the time with us!


As a new Christian, I have renewed my life. I would like to offer a big thank you for making the call. The featured rich love and kindness are second to none, and growth possibilities are tremendous. Thank you so much for making this new life available to me and anyone else, and for responding so quickly to my problems.


I have worked with dozens of church pastors, and I want to express my sincerest gratitude in your tireless efforts to resolve quickly and efficiently all my questions and issues. Most issues were resolved immediately in a response by text, email, or phone call.


I have had some time to get a grip with this new kind of life with god. Thanks to the help and fantastic support from a great person named Aesha.
Initially I was quite daunted by the amount of change one had to overcome with this Christian life, especially the spiritual concepts
which make total sense now!
I think this is one of the most beautiful women in your church, and on top of that the best friend one could have. I have to get used to get
my new look, talk, and walk. Now I really want it to live.
Thank you!


Hi Pastor, I’ll be more than happy to come to your services, I can honestly say it is by far the best churches in the city, and I have been to many of them.

Anthony Hill
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