Out of what the family thought was nothing but ‘Guy’s old stuff’ BOING was born. By ‘stuff’ I mean his climbing and windsurfing gear. Trying to convince my husband to part with his old climbing and windsurfing paraphernalia after years of fun and frolics up a mountain or on the sea was like asking my youngest daughter to part with her muzzy at bedtime, not easy! So in the loft it lived, or should I say still lives, but not until I’d pinched all the ropes for myself, the idea being that I would make bracelets and ankle bands for friends, just for a bit of fun. My goodness, everyone wanted more and what I had created was actually the baby stages of BOING!

Why the name BOING? Well, I needed to have a link with the mountains and oceans and after watching a YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZWxlxrIWus on mountain goats and how they can climb on sheer cliff edges and spring from rock to rock, Billy BOING goat was the perfect choice, you can see our mountain goat ‘Billy’ on the claps of every BOING bracelet.

Pre kids, my background was in sales and marketing but my eldest was nine at the time of starting BOING so I had been out of action for a few years – rusty to say the least. I needed some help, mainly in perfecting a design I had in mind for a slick, simple, really strong, no-fussy-bits clasp. By the fifth prototype we were off and BOING has been growing at a speedy rate ever since we launched in June 2012.


May 26, 2013




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