Warm A Child’s Heart

Mission Statement

A charitable cause alleviating pain and suffering by providing  mental and emotional warmth to the hearts of unfortunate children who fell victim to difficult circumstances and challenges of life due to a parent of substance abuse, divorce, or incarceration.

Warm-A-Child’s-Heart is a two-fold Christian Ministry founded and centering on the Christ’s love for youth and ministering to children in need, particularly in the Advent and Yuletide Seasons. God’s Word is filled with admonitions to love our children and to help them come to know their Creator in a personal way. One of the characteristics we see in the life of Jesus recorded in the Bible is the way He consistently demonstrated His love specifically to children (Mark 10:13-16). His example was unmistakable and is compelling to us today in our ministry to children. Secondly, Warm-A-Child Ministry serves in spreading the message of God’s saving love bringing the “good news” to all children and people through the birth, life, and adoration of our promised Christ Child Jesus. Our ongoing ministry and mission is to advocate, protect and promote the spiritual growth, welfare, education, family and social development of all children, youth and teens through the teachings and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Warm a Child’s Heart (W.A.C.H.) was born out of the passionate of our Pastor and a response to God’s love for children and His Church. Divine Trinity Temple’s leaders are Christians who follow Christ’s example in loving children.

For information or donations please call 330-307-3196

Thank you for supporting our community youths

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