R: Rational: adjective: logical, reasonable, sound, well-founded, realistic, sensible, prudent, clear-headed, wise, sane, normal, balanced, in your right mind/senses, lucid, reasoning, thinking, intelligent, intellectual, enlightened.

E: Exceptional: adjective: outstanding, remarkable, marvelous, excellent, extraordinary, brilliant, phenomenal, notable, noteworthy, superior, unequaled, prodigious, one in a thousand, one in a million

A: Attentive: adjective: alert, awake, vigilant, aware, watchful, watching, observant, noticing, concentrating, heedful, mindful, careful, conscientious, on the qui vive, listening

L: Learnable: To be informed, To get to know, To gain knowledge, skill or ability in, Someone who learns, Someone who is still in the early stages of learning.

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