The Child Seed

The silent sniffles, cries and screams of a child who suffers from the pain of neglect or abuse can be one of the most hunting silences in the world. Anyone who turns a deaf ear to those that are in such emotional torment is to ignore the tomorrow of ones own life. For a child is a precious gift from our heavenly Father above, a seedling entrusted to the care of responsible adults.

We Must Protect The Children.

We as adults must assume that responsibility for any child that we encounter. We are to protect and nurture each day the special seedlings given to us from God. We adults have a charge from God the Father to help a child bloom and bring forth precious fruit for tomorrow.

Adults Holds a Child’s Tomorrow

For one to disregard the need of a young seedling is for one to abandon the hopes and dreams for their own fruitful harvest in the future.

  • Love Them!
  • Train Them!
  • Protect Them!

Know that in every seed therein lay a potential forest, and every forest came from the seeds of previous seeds. There must first appear the blossoms and then the fruit. That fruit will contain future seeds sown on another day. Our children fruitful tomorrows are locked within their today’s blossoms.

Let us labor together to unleash the forest contained in every seed of our dear children.

Please, let’s help the children bring forth their beautiful blossoms and their potential to release the delightsome fruits contained therein.