An Evangelistic Block Social is an open-air event that incorporates food, music, kids’ games, prizes and other elements to build a relationship climate in which the gospel can be shared.

At Divine Trinity Temple, the strategy began a few years ago in the summer of 2003. Our Pastor saw the possibilities in using this type of strategy as a means of reaching lost people, as well as a way to help less fortunate people struggling with low income.

At this church’s first party, more than 150 people attended and everyone was fed a barbecue dinners and drinks. Also, not only was prizes given away but newly formed friendships were gained. This event also present the church to leave the inside walls of the building and become a church without walls experiencing an new type of agape atmosphere.  This unique gathering presented a person to engage in an informal way, the gospel of Jesus Christ and not one person awkward at listing, but approachable to received.

Jesus hosted a type of block social when he fed 5,000 people. On another occasion He fed 4,000. These events did not take place in a church, synagogue, or temple. Jesus went to the hillside where people gathered. He proclaimed the Gospel and met their needs. He showed that His church, the True church was indeed a church without walls.

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